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OFWF Kept Me from Panicking

“Here I was running six salons and raising my kids, when out of nowhere I get notice that my business was going to be audited. And not your typical every day IRS audit, this was to be a criminal investigation!” Most of us would consider this a bad day. For Carol Cole of Fringes Salon, it was her worst day.

From many recommendations, Carol met with OFWF Partner, Greg Harr. “How did this happen, what did I do?” Carol asked. “Greg was the epitome of cool and collected. He really calmed me down and made me feel safe,” Carol told us.

It became quite obvious to the OFWF team that Carol was innocent of the IRS accusations and went to work on her behalf. Recreating years of quarterly tax returns for six salons, and over the course of four long years, Greg continued to reassure Carol that nothing was wrong and they would prove it.

Finally, the day arrived. Partner Greg Harr and the OFWF team did prove that Carol had made no mistake and nothing was criminally amiss with her books. “It was a long time coming. I was so grateful to them and will forever recommend OFWF,” said Carol. “I can’t thank them enough.” And that day, of course, was Carol’s best day.

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