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Client Spotlight Mission Direct Primary Care

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Elizabeth and Dr. John Hallgren own Mission Direct Primary Care, a membership-based family medicine clinic in Omaha, NE. They offer their members unhindered access to a physician, same day appointments, and transparent pricing- an amazing healthcare value. O'Donnell, Ficenec, Wills, & Ferdig, LLP. provided Elizabeth with tax needs advice, financial planning and business advice when they started the firm in early 2019. Before selecting OFWF, Elizabeth and John interviewed several CPA firms and selected Greg Harr to represent them. They appreciate and value Greg's knowledge and approach ability. "No matter what the question is, Greg takes the time to explain things and he goes beyond what we ask by educating us about the things we don't even know to ask." says Elizabeth Hallgren.

"We stay with OFWF because of the extra care they take to meet our accounting need s. For example, when we were opening up I spent the morning with Matt Tunink and set up Quickbooks and our chart of accounts. He also talked me through how to set up an internal process to manage our bookkeeping and talked me through financial policies that were needed for us." says Eliza beth. "Overall, OFWF is a great finance and accounting partner for our new business because they act like part of our team and not just a firm, we hire to do our taxes." says John Hallgren.

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