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Confidence to Take on Larger Projects

“OFWF knows the construction business and we needed a firm who understood the intricacies and volatility of our business. We started out as an architectural firm and have evolved into a design-build general contractor. We only have four full time employees and are very selective in choosing our clients and projects. Due to our limited staff, we need to be selective in choosing our consultants as well. We have never had to worry about OFWF having our backs and taking care of us. And that is a huge burden off our shoulders.”

We met with Brent Reeder, CEO of Sigma Corporation, in a recently completed, speculative warehouse the size of four footballs fields. The first of the tenants were already taking occupancy.

“I would say OFWF is dynamic. With a flexible finesse they are one step ahead and are great advisors for Sigma,” added Brent. “They give us confidence to take on larger projects. That’s a huge value”

When asked how OFWF supported them in the great recession of 2008 (actually, 2009-2012 for Sigma), Brent shared, “These were lean times for our industry. There wasn’t a whole lot OFWF could do but they were there with us. It was nice to have a partner with whom to ride out the storm.”

Having their backs, providing the confidence to take on larger projects, and being a business partner are just a few of the benefits Sigma receives from OFWF. It’ll be interesting to check in with Brent and Sigma in ten years to see how much more this relationship has grown in value.

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