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Partner in Providing Peace of Mind

"Steve and I are blessed to have successful careers. Identifying partners to help us navigate through financial planning and tax implications was more difficult. When I started providing business development consulting services through JME it became evident we needed to find someone we could trust." shared Christine Johnson, President, JME, Inc.

"Greg Harr was that person for us. He gave us confidence from the very first meeting at OFWF and his skills were beyond anything we've experienced. Greg understood that maximizing our income was important to us so we can continue tithing and give charitable contributions through retirement in addition to enjoying our time together."

OFWF was referred to the Johnson’s by their financial planner. Greg and the team have helped them to make good decisions for the future and have helped to relieve some of their tax burden.

“Greg is so accessible. He really is a friend. We just trust him. All we can say about OFWF is they are fantastic!”

Christine and Steve are excited about their future. OFWF is proud to be a partner in providing their peace of mind.

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