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Client Accounting 


Small business owners and their managers are choosing to outsource some of the company administrative functions for the following reasons:



  • Hiring and keeping qualified accounting staff can be a challenge for small businesses.

  • Some functions, such as payroll and general ledger accounting, may exceed the training and/or ability of existing personnel.

  • Perhaps you don't want employees to have access to sensitive financial and payroll records.


We can provide the following services that can help you solve the accounting and payroll hassles in your business:


Full-Service Bookkeeping


Detailed "How To" Procedures

Controllership Services



Full-Service Bookkeeping

We can provide you with a full range of bookkeeping services customized to your specific needs.  Our staff can work either in our office or in your home or place of business. Working with you, we can develop a reporting system that provides the type of information you need on an ongoing basis to run your business.  We also can prepare all payroll and sales tax returns and tell you the amount and due dates of payroll tax deposits.



Temporary Bookkeeping/Accounting

We can provide you with temporary bookkeeping and accounting assistance to support you when unscheduled absences of accounting personnel occur.  We often provide these services when a bookkeeper is gone unexpectedly. Our staff temporarily helps fill this absence by working at your place of business.



Detailed "How To" Procedures

We can prepare detailed "How To" accounting and bookkeeping procedures for your staff.  This provides you and your managers, the confidence that your accounting system is documented and in place when training new staff.



Controllership Services

We will travel to your offices on a regular or as needed basis to perform routine accounting functions of your company.  This includes:

  • Preparation of management reports

  • Preparation of all payroll quarterly reports

  • Preparation of bank reconciliations

  • Consultation regarding the management of the assets of your company

  • Other services which you or your business may require

Temp Bookkeeping
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