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Staffing for success: We are hiring!

For more than 70 years, we have had the privilege of getting to know the businesses “behind the curtain.” We have had some of the area’s most respected legacy organizations and exciting startups alike open their doors to us, providing insight into the inner workings of their operations. Our team at O’Donnell, Ficenec, Wills & Ferdig has shared in the joys that come with growth, and with being in a position to make investments to support that growth. Likewise, we have evolved alongside the individuals and families that trust their personal wealth and future goals to us. We have shared in the joys of additions to the family, as well as the challenges that all families inevitably encounter, from sickness to loss.

Staffing for success

As our business clients’ teams and our individual clients’ families have evolved, so has our “family.” We want to be in the best position to serve our clients. So, OFWF assures that we are well-staffed to support them, in good times and in bad. We know that, eventually, setbacks will be in the rearview. We are always more than ready to quickly respond to questions and to address client concerns, regardless of what the “prognosticators” may say. After all, we have survived our share of setbacks since our founding at the height of the Korean War. We’ve seen it all; booms and busts, crises and calm. We make smart, consistent investments in smart people. So, we can overdeliver our services in partnership with our clients when everyone is doing well. And we can quickly cater to our partners’ needs without missing a beat on the “upside” of economic downturns and crises events.

True to our principles, and knowing that we would be nothing without our incredible staff, we are hiring for skilled accounting professionals! As the economy continues to bear fruit, we appreciate that individuals with accounting and auditing expertise will be in great demand. We also appreciate that there are more than 4,500 accountants and auditors in the metro (Omaha-Council Bluffs). Financial services has a long history as one of the metro’s largest industries/employers. So, we understand that there are many top-notch firms in our region that are vying for top accounting talent like you. This says nothing of the competition that accounting and consulting firms have for skilled professionals -- from private businesses and public agencies seeking in-house accountants and auditors. At OFWF, we offer a unique value proposition that sets us apart from the rest of the accounting firm “pack,” and from other organizations that compete for similar talent.

  • We are sufficiently-sized to offer the rich opportunities, professional development, resources, and benefits that are offered by the “Big 10” firms. Only, we strike a balance. You can access exceptional perks, such as a fitness benefit, and 401(k) and match, while also accessing the many benefits that come with a homegrown, smaller accounting firm.

  • We have no intention of going anywhere. Rooted in the early 1950s, OFWF is an Omaha institution. That does not mean we are “stale.” We afford accountants with the opportunity to work alongside and learn from some of the best, seasoned CPAs in the industry. Due to the size of our firm, you are not “stuck.” You can experience firsthand areas that you never thought to explore. Some of our accountants have become highly specialized in areas such as business valuation. No two days are the same. There will never be a dull moment, as there will always be opportunities to refine skills and to learn about various client businesses and industries.

We are more than accounting – in more ways than one!

When we say, “We are more than accounting,” our firm is referring to the multi-faceted services that we provide. We encourage you to take a closer look at our website to learn more. Generally, we offer everything from QuickBooks® onboarding to litigation support and custom business advisory. However, “more than accounting” also refers to our team. We also understand that our CPAs are more than accountants. They are individuals with interesting hobbies, active social lives and families that deserve to see them during the work week, yes, even during busy season! We account for the “whole-person,” not just his or her technical aptitude. Our team members’ lives are more than our four walls. So, in addition to an environment of support that fosters creativity and collaboration, we also offer comprehensive benefits, such as paid time off, paid holidays, medical insurance, long-term insurance, short-term insurance, and life insurance. We further invest in our talent’s upward mobility and ability to reach their goals, with extensive training and career development opportunities. So, you do not reach a wall, or stall, on your career journey.

We see promotions, an expanded book of business, and overall professional and personal happiness in your future. We encourage you to contact us today. Just as our clients open their doors for us, we’d like to offer you a warm invitation into our “world.” We’re confident you’ll like what you see!

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