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QuickBooks: easy to use, easy to mess up

QuickBooks is a crucial business tool that many small and medium size businesses use to manage their money, pay their employees, and pay their bills - not to mention to help with their tax reporting. This is the type of information you don’t want to mess up.

This accounting software is fairly easy to use, yet there are critical aspects of it that tend to make it demanding. Users must know the accounting process, understand the underlying database system, and enter accurate information. The software mimics the books in accounting and therefore the user must have knowledge of the accounting process. If not, data may be entered into the wrong place and create errors in reporting. Multiple databases run in the background of the system, holding different types of data for different calculations and processes. By knowing that data is entered in one place and may be duplicated in other places helps guide the user in overall QuickBooks management. And we all know the adage, “garbage in, garbage out.” If the data is not entered correctly, the reports will be riddled with errors and be meaningless.

Do you have a ProAdvisor to review your QuickBooks?

Who do you go to with questions or for troubleshooting? Do you understand all the updates and new features? Are you considering using QuickBooks for the first time? Set up is critical.

Don’t let QuickBooks problems or confusion mess you up.

At OFWF, we specialize in QuickBooks and have QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors ready to help your every design, review, and accounting need. Our ProAdvisors help with acquiring, installing, setting up, training, and input controls. We will guide you in proper usage, review your books, and insure your accounting is accurate.

Accurate accounting in QuickBooks produces financial statements that help you to make decisions, plan strategies, determine success, estimate failures, and tell the world the story of your company. Allow us to help insure you don’t mess it up.

Are you aggravated with QuickBooks? Our ProAdvisors are available to answer a phone call or email right now. Phone (402) 592-3800 and

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