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Paul Wenninghoff is Reaping Benefits

Just north of Blair High Road, off Sorenson Parkway, and near Northwest High School is an Omaha landmark of sorts, the Wenninghoff Farm. This family-run farm has been in business for over 50 years selling some of the best fresh produce in town.

We chatted with owner, Paul Wenninghoff, during a frigid, wet, February day and found ourselves interviewing him in a warm and humid greenhouse already sprouting new bedding plants. His dad started the farm in 1956 and we asked if he followed in his dad’s footsteps.

“Yes, dad started the farm and I grew up on this land, in that house over there,” said Paul. “But I didn’t follow dad into the business. After college, where I met Greg Harr, I went to work for Campbell Soup for ten years. It was then that I thought about getting out of corporate America and joining dad in the business. He really needed the help.

“With mom’s support, Dad was doing all the work on the farm, from planting and reaping, to selling and planning, and even equipment repair. He even did all the bookkeeping. So, when I joined him I urged him to find a CPA to handle the books so he and I could focus on the farm.”

And That’s when Greg Harr and the team at OFWF entered the picture.

“According to the IRS,” says Paul, “we are an unusual business so we get audited frequently. OFWF has great Ag exp

erience and have been very helpful as a business partner. I like working with a smaller, locally owned practice. I could never see myself being comfortable working with any of the big ten firms. “

Focusing on the farm was good thing for Paul as now, in the farm’s 62nd year, they are open seven days a week between June and October, have added bedding plants and flowers to their retail operations (run by Pauls’ wife), supply 30 different fruits and vegetables to local grocery stores, feature a pumpkin patch, and operate a CSA, which allows city residents to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce locally grown.

Says Paul, “I greatly appreciate the team approach of OFWF. We’re reaping all kinds of benefits because of our teamwork.”

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