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OFWF has Contributed to our Growth and Success

OFWF was recommended, by his banker, over 20 years ago to Dan Stava, President, General Stamping. Dan was looking for a capable firm to handle his company’s corporate taxes. What he came to learn was that OFWF is more than just a tax preparation firm.

According to Dan, “They do my annual taxes and year-end adjustments but they also look out for General Stamping by advising me – good or bad – how the current and proposed tax policies will affect us. We have worked together to plan the future of the business.”

“We have had the good fortune of having OFWF not only as a services provider, but more importantly as an advisor. They have always made time to answer our questions, and at times anticipated our needs. I firmly believe that OFWF’s observations and recommendations have contributed to our growth and success,” offered Dan.

And it appears this advising partnership will continue into the future, as Dan is grooming his son and nephew to one day step into his shoes and run the business.

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