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Mentoring vs. Coaching Women in Business

November is Woman’s Small Business Month and November 19th is Woman’s Entrepreneurship Day and OFWF supports hundreds of women business owners by mentoring and coaching them. Wondering if you need a coach or a mentor, we describe them below and are here to assist in any way you need help.

Coaching is task oriented with a focus on how to learn a new skill or work with others, think short-term with measurable deliverables. Coaches usually have expertise in the same field and are trained and certified. A mentor on the other hand is development driven and relationship oriented. They are there to support you with friendship, guidance, and experience. Mentors are usually successful people who share their wisdom to provide insight and guidance.

If you need coaching or mentoring OFWF has a team who supports women business owners so they can take their businesses to the next level.

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