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Litigation Support

O’Donnell, Ficenec, Wills, & Ferdig (OFWF) helps attorneys make complex

financial issues more understandable and many times, these financial issues are a

key factor in the outcome of a lawsuit.

Litigation support is a key service at OFWF and it typically includes forensic

accounting and business valuation.

Our forensic accountants are proficient at investigating, identifying, and analyzing

financial information that may uncover hidden assets, identify unreported

income, determine lost profits, or help with whatever specific financial issues the

case requires.

Our business valuators use a number of methods to determine intrinsic value,

volatility of returns, or enterprise or equity value, etc. for an economic analysis

cross-check. These results feed the business value synthesis, or weighting

scheme, to help determine what the business is worth.

Here are four types of Litigation Support cases where OFWF can be of particular


1. Shareholder disputes/partnership dissolution

We can assist in determining a fair value for an owner’s stake in the business or

determine if misconduct has occurred.

2. Damage claims/lost earnings for corporations and individuals

We can assist in either the calculation or critique of damages for any number of


3. Bankruptcy and fraudulent conveyance actions

We can assist trustees and their counsel with bankruptcy-related issues, including

finding and recovering hidden assets, identifying fraudulent conveyances, and

even filing the monthly reports for operating entities in bankruptcy.

4. Fraud and forensic analysis

If someone has become a victim of embezzlement or fraud, we can assist in

determining what happened, who is responsible, and the extent of the exposure.

At OFWF, we analyze the most complex accounting, financial, and tax issues and

deliver a clear explanation of the case’s financial merits. We can also provide

expert witness testimony, develop theory, and assist with deposition questions or

case strategy. With OFWF on your team, you can count on us to be more than


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