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Larry Wolfe joins 2018 Metro Omaha Softball Hall of Fame

Partner, Larry Wolfe, is one of Omaha’s most well known girls fast-pitch softball umpires. He started his career in 1990 and has umpired over 4,000 games and counting as he continues umpiring today.

During his career, he has officiated in five ASA girl’s fast-pitch national tournaments, one men’s Class C national tournament, one Northern National and one NAFA girl’s national. He also worked multiple ASA regional and national qualifiers.

At his first ASA national tournament in 1998, in St. Louis, it rained and delayed the games. Then the weather finally cleared Larry umpired for 30 consecutive hours and watched the sun rise from behind home plate.

Wolfe has served as a governing board member of the Hillside Little League since 1976, including four years as President. And served as Treasurer using his accounting background since 1994.

Larry has been a Nebraska School Activities Association umpire since 1994 and has worked seven state tournaments. He attended four ASA umpire schools and received the ASA Softball “Indicator” Fraternity designation in 2005 and received the Redneck Umpire award in 2007.

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