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I Get to Sleep at Night

Updated: May 9, 2018

They did not want to look back and question WHAT IF? So, in 1996 Jeff and Laura Kilborn decided to take ownership of the pharmacy inside Wohlner’s grocery store at 5203 Leavenworth.

Jeff had been working as Wohlner’s staff pharmacist and was asked if he wanted to take over the pharmacy. That’s when Jeff and Laura turned to OFWF. Jeff knew how to be a pharmacist but he knew little about business and even less about being a business owner.

OFWF had already been doing the Kilborn’s personal taxes so it was a natural for the them to turn to Greg Harr for advice and guidance on taking over a pharmacy. Together they created a business plan and projections for the bank to secure funding to take possession of the Pharmacy business.

With the first successful venture under their belts, the Killborn’s were approached by the owners of Carl S. Baum's to acquire their pharmacy. With OFWF’s help that was accomplished along with the necessary support to combine the two businesses and relocate to their current location as Elmwood Pharmacy.

“With OFWF I get to sleep at night,” Jeff shared with us. “Ours is an interesting business in that tax returns can be multi-faceted. Greg and Matt have made it so that we have never had issues with the IRS.”

OFWF also helped the Killborn’s when they were feeling the squeeze from larger competitors.

“About five years ago we found ourselves in the perfect storm. Do we stay or do we go? OFWF helped us work with the bank on a plan to stay,” said Jeff.

Jeff and Laura have managed well and today have a thriving business. So, what’s next for the Killborn’s? An exit plan in about ten years. And, certainly, OFWF will be there to help create a great one. Jeff and Laura have earned it.

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