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Hire Experts and Give Them Full Reign

Many a significant introduction is made on a golf course. Twenty-seven years ago that’s how Bob Danielson, CEO of Fast Signs, came to know OFWF’s Greg Harr, and eventually Matt Tunink.

“I believe in hiring experts and then giving them full reign to do what they do best so I can focus on what I do best,” said Bob.

Bob Danielson walks his talk. This year he and his franchise made the top 25 Fast Signs franchise (out of 675) and was featured in the March 16th Midlands Business Journal.

All the while Bob has expected OFWF to assist him with Quickbooks, handle his taxes, act as a business partner, guide him with retirement planning, and eventually help him with his exit strategy.

“I love working on and growing this business. I have an excellent staff who love it, too. In 2017 we invested in state-of-the-art equipment all because OFWF advised us on the new fixed asset depreciation rules coming out in 2018. Now we have increased capabilities for our clients, can grow a new section of the business, and can depreciate it faster!”

Bob Danielson is receiving the benefits of his integrity. His trust of OFWF to do what they do best is paying off.

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