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Give your “back-office” a fresh start

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Spring cleaning. The term conjures up images of many positives. A fresh start. Rejuvenation. The promise of better things to come. Sure, there is a little “elbow grease” involved from the get-go, but there are rich rewards to follow. Intuit QuickBooks® is like spring cleaning for your business operations.

With a team that includes a QuickBooks® Certified ProAdvisor, OFWF works with you to support seamless, streamlined onboarding and integration of this software into your enterprise. Additionally, our support doesn’t end there. We partner with our clients. So, we become an extension of your team and your team often becomes like extended members of our accounting family. With this philosophy in mind, our skilled and exceptionally trained professionals are at the ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the likes of functionality, navigating QuickBooks® and getting the most out of this system as these questions, concerns, challenges or opportunities arise.

And there are always new opportunities and enhanced functionality and features to be had! We’ve highlighted some of the latest and greatest enhancements to QuickBooks®, to watch for or to integrate into your operations today. Your future, more profitable and efficient business and team thanks you!

Your business doesn’t stand still – neither should your “tools”!

Yes, QuickBooks® is certainly a “grandaddy” in the software world, as it approaches 40 years of existence. In that time, the accounting software package has established itself as a household name in the world of managing one’s business financials amid a flurry of interests and obligations competing for the busy entrepreneur’s time. Its staying power and reputation, partly, can be attributed to its inability to stand still – like the business owners that use and depend on the software. In fact, Intuit’s dedicated QuickBooks® site and its blog regularly feature updates and entirely new features that evolve as entrepreneurs’ needs, the world of work, regulatory and compliance commitments, and technologies also evolve.

At the time of this writing, a combination of new features, apps and platforms were being “spotlighted” by the company. They include:

  • QuickBooks Online Advanced

  • QuickBooks GoPayment + card reader

  • QuickBooks Checking

  • QuickBooks Commerce via HubSpot

  • Custom tags generator

  • QuickBooks + Amazon Business purchases

So, what makes QuickBooks Advanced different from earlier-generation iterations and products? Well, this offering is described as providing “deeper insights, custom workflows, and easy collaboration.” We recognize this is the definition of “general.” But to get a sense into these benefits at work is to wrap one’s arms around the features that are exclusive to the Advanced platform. These specifics include:

  • Capabilities to “batch process” invoices -- no more manually, agonizingly entering one invoice at a time

  • Customizable reports and dashboards to aid in tracking those Key Performance Indicators that matter most to you and your business

  • “Smart reporting” powered by reporting analysis and forecasting specialist, Fathom

  • Advanced users also have access to concierge-style support; for instance, your calls are ushered to the front of the line, and to top support professionals. Less time on the phone or chat, and fewer gray hairs.

GoPayment may be just the nifty app your business actually needs to securely, quickly, easily and non-cost-prohibitively process payments and transactions on the go. Your business doesn’t have to be chained to the four walls of an office and clunky hardware. Consultants and those in the trades may particularly appreciate the ease of getting paid in the field or wherever work takes them. GoPayment integrates with QuickBooks Card Reader to provide a hassle-free, affordable mobile POS, which further integrates with the accounting system. So, you can also track the likes of inventory on the fly.

In partnership with Green Dot Banking, QuickBooks® is also reinventing the digital business banking space with QuickBooks® Checking. In part, QuickBooks® allows for payments and spending to be automatically synced with one’s books – allowing for up-to-date tracking and entry-free bookkeeping (no more busywork!). Savings “buckets” or envelopes may be created to stash cash away to cover business wish list goals or anticipated longer-term expenses. Courtesy of its intersection of technology and accounting, QuickBooks® also integrates custom cash flow and forecasting 30- and 90-days out via this new product.

QuickBooks® Commerce is the answer to the disparate e-commerce channels that your business depends on, from eBay to Etsy. Trying to keep track of your presence and activity across these channels can dwarf your day-to-day goals. Via its partnership with HubSpot, QuickBooks® Online can seamlessly connect and organize data generated across various channels. So, you can stay on top of the latest activity, and even pinpoint trends that drive the intentional strategies which further drive meaningful growth!

No detail has been left unturned when it comes to QuickBooks®, and that is exemplified with the addition of “custom tags.” What this means if that you can label the likes of products quite specifically or any way that you wish and that makes sense to you. The more specifics that are provided related to what’s selling (and what isn’t) means more powerful information for you to glean from, and for you to consider when making business decisions. Additionally, these tags may be grouped for further insights into sources of profitability for your business, and you quickly access information related to these products or categories with a search and track transactions by tags feature.

A cornerstone of QuickBooks® and Intuit as a whole has been the focus on minimizing mundane yet time-intensive processes, freeing you and your staff up for more value-added tasks. QuickBooks’ integration with Amazon Business really speaks to this fundamental notion. Purchases made via Amazon Business are automatically retrieved and can then be easily reviewed and reconciled in QuickBooks®. Clients also enjoy the ability to see detailed descriptions of each purchase, including fee breakdowns. Items may also be categorized for ease of management, and to match with bank transactions more accurately and efficiently.

We’ve provided just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to QuickBooks’ always-evolving functionality. Businesses go the way of the dinosaur if they don’t adapt. Similarly, QuickBooks® has been busying itself with adapting right alongside its thriving and flexible users. There is no time like the present to add more wind to your sails with fresh processes that are more than mere “gee whiz” technologies. Trust us, these tools can make a real difference when it comes to reaching both your professional and personal goals.

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