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Get Organized Tips

O’Donnell, Ficenec, Wills & Ferdig, LLP has some helpful tips for your business to get organized. These organizational tips will help your business save time, money, and a lot of frustrations!

  1. Make a Daily To-Do List. There are everyday tasks and responsibilities that need to be done daily. Break up the tasks on the list and allocate these tasks to members of your staff with explicit directions.

  2. Go as Digital as You Can. Organize your filing cabinet and desk by scanning documents and filing them digitally. Make sure you shred any documents once they have been scanned. This doesn’t mean you have to send every document and sticky through the shredder, but paper documents can cause a lot of clutter and are much more difficult to find.

  3. Digital Organization That Works for You: Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or the Files folder on your desktop. There are so many great options out there, so play around with a couple of different file organization options. OFWF Pro Tip: Use an organization option that backs up automatically so you never lose your files just because of a computer malfunction!

  4. Stay on Top of Your Tax Plan. Throughout the year track new and existing tax incentives. Always keep receipts and a detailed record of purchases. This will eliminate stress when tax season comes around and help you get the best possible refund.

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