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Facing Challenges Together

Bill Pieper was introduced to OFWF in 1997 after having just arrived in Omaha from Atlanta.

“Greg Harr was a parishioner at St. Vincent DePaul, as was I. I needed someone to handle my personal taxes and we were introduced at church,” shared Bill, “And then in 2003 when I started EPIC Connections, I invited OFWF along.”

In the early years, OFWF provided quarterly financial guidance and prepared EPIC’s income tax returns. As EPIC grew, they turned to the OFWF team for assistance with QuickBooks issues, payroll questions, and company valuation calculations. Recently, a new EPIC Connections office in Utah prompted more assistance with help to understand the nuances of regulation and compliance by having employees in two states.

EPIC Connections celebrates their 15-year anniversary in 2018 and continues to turn to the professionals at OFWF for help in developing and documenting strategies for the future.

Says Bill, “Greg and his team have assisted us with many inquiries and challenges we have faced as we’ve grown the business. The OFWF team have always been there when we’ve needed them!”

OFWF has been more than an accountant for Bill and EPIC Connections, they have been a trusted and strategic partner all along the way.

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