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Client Spotlight

Michael (Mike) S. Mapes is the President of The Alliance Group, which is the largest and oldest, locally-owned Professional Employer Organization in Nebraska and just celebrated 20 years in business. The Alliance Group is an outsourcing option for any size business, non-profit, or professional office. They help their clients improve productivity while reducing or eliminating many employer liabilities. O’Donnell, Ficenec, Wills, & Ferdig, LLP. (OFWF) provides support to Mike and The Alliance Group by offering services relating to Corporate taxes, State Taxes, Personal taxes and Financial Audits. Mike says “I use OFWF to stay out of trouble, they guide and protect my business.” and recommends OFWF to any serial entrepreneur like himself. Respecting the relationship with OFWF, Mike praises Dan Dudley and says "Dan Dudley is practical, approachable, and affordable. He presents options and lets me make decisions that benefit The Alliance Group.”

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