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An unwavering vision to see you through the tumultuous times

Merriam-Webster defines “vision” as a “concern or preparation for the future.” When Joe Ficenec and Cecil O’Donnell founded what was to become O’Donnell, Ficenec, Wills & Ferdig in 1951, the Korean War was in its second year, flooding displaced more than half a million people throughout the Midwest and inflation remained an ever-present danger. Since that time, the firm has “seen” its share of geopolitical conflicts, natural disasters, economic collapses and global health crises. Likewise, OFWF has shared in the joys of prolonged bullish markets, and bore witness to all sorts of exciting technological and scientific achievements, and societal transformations.

Through the good times and not-so-good, we have remained true to and never compromised on our vision. As the world as we know it seems to cave in, our principles are a “constant,” helping to lift us and our partners during momentary setbacks. This “concern or preparation” for the future has served as well, as we serve others -- supporting and guiding clients toward a stronger, healthier future:

“We provide the highest quality services tailored to our clients' specific business and personal needs.”

Seasoned entrepreneur Christine Johnson recalled how she and her husband spent “years” seeking out high integrity, highly qualified partners to satisfy their business and personal financial needs.

“This is not as easy as it would seem,” she said. “We want people who will get to know us, our business and our future goals, and then work with us to achieve the best outcome. OFWF does just that. They will pick up the phone without hesitation to make sure our needs are met.”

Brent Reeder owns SIGMA Corp., a general contractor specializing in commercial and office projects.

“For the last 20 years, OFWF has provided us with tremendous service for our business,” he said. “They understand the dynamic nature of the construction business and have been instrumental in helping us with planning in an industry where it is hard to predict the future.”

Jeff Killborn’s team represents another dynamic industry: health care.

“As my business has changed for the good or bad, OFWF has been able to adapt their services provided, to meet my ever-changing business and requests,” said Killborn, a pharmacist and president of Elmwood Pharmacy & Home Medical Equipment.

Self-professed to always be in “crisis management mode,” Killborn said he would request a report, or that a different project be completed sooner rather than later. We at OFWF were privileged to have, as Killborn put it, “risen to the occasion, finishing the request in a timely and effective manner.”

“I am able to sleep at night, knowing that their accounting and tax work is done to the highest accounting, tax and business ethical standards possible, without question,” he said.

The Internal Revenue Service never seems to “sleep” on Omaha icon Wenninghoff’s Farm.

“According to the IRS, we are an unusual business, so we get audited frequently,” recalled CEO Paul Wenninghoff of the third- and fourth-generation family greenhouse and pumpkin patch. “OFWF has great ag experience and has been very helpful as a business partner.”

He continued: “I like working with a smaller, locally-owned practice. I could never see myself being comfortable working with any of the ‘Big 10’ firms.”

Eighteen years ago, Bill Pieper had big ambitions to reinvent the contact center industry. So, he turned to one of our partners, Gregory A. Harr, for support to start his niche strategy business, EPIC Connections.

“Since then, Greg and his team have assisted our team with many inquiries and challenges we have faced as we’ve grown the business,” Pieper said. “The OFWF team has always been there when we’ve needed them.”

Bob Danielson, CEO of FASTSIGNS® of Omaha, knows that he can give us full reign to do what we do best.

“I believe in hiring experts,” he said. “So, I can focus on what I do best.”

Specifically, four years ago, our firm advised Danielson to invest in state-of-the-art equipment due to the favorable fixed asset depreciation rules that were introduced in 2018 as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

“Now, we have increased capabilities for our clients, can grow a new section of the business and can depreciate it faster,” he said. “I love working on and growing this business.”

It is easy to merely say that we stay true to a vision of personalized, quality services that account for the overall financial well-being of our clients, from both a business and personal standpoint. However, our clients’ successes are a testament to how we embody and live the fundamentals that make up our vision statement. To us, they are more than words; they are action.

How can we support your vision? Whether your business or family is just “starting out,” transitioning to that next chapter in life, or are somewhere “in between,” we look forward to remaining a trusted and comforting stalwart and sounding board. Contact our accounting “family” today.

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