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Valuations are often an essential part of business buy/sell agreements, sales and acquisitions, and estate and gift planning and preparation.  The business will be analyzed in order to determine its particular value and discounts and/or premiums that are applicable.



Valuations are often provided in connection with a legal proceeding (see Litigation Services) or in relation to lending requirements or estate settlements.  The businesses we generally value are small to medium size companies of various types or professional practices. Valuation principles can be applied to any type of business, we are not limited to performing valuations for only specific types of businesses.



Valuations serve a variety of purposes and provide unique insights into the operations of your business.  You should consider having a business valued in the following situations:


  • Buying or selling an existing business.

  • Admitting a new shareholder/partner into the business in exchange for cash, property or services.

  • Transitioning ownership of a family business.

  • Gift stock or partnership interests to your family members or key employees.

  • Death of a business owner or other succession planning issues.

  • Divorce settlements.

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